Background of Establishment:

Integrated Rural Development Center (IRDC) was established in the year 1998 by a group of young men and women aimed at help the poor and underprivileged peoples of the society to improve their overall socio-economic status. It is founded on a set of believes consuming the basic problems of the rural people like-illiteracy, ill health, unemployment, oppression/civic inertia & environmental hazards. Peoples have their inherent power to salve their own problems. But they lack opportunity, resources & civic rights. The development philosophy of IRDC is essentially humanist, holistic and people-centered approach that aim to empowering people through develop their potential inherent powers ( intellectual, productive, physical & political/organizing) to enable them to take responsibility of their self-reliance and sustainable development.

Vision, Mission, Goal and Objectives:

 Vision :The vision of IRDC is to develop a society, which is socially just, ecologically sound and more satisfying  in human terms than growth obsessed society of today.

Mission:Mission of IRDC is enabling the poor people through developing their potentials in such a way that they can identify their self-development.

Goal:Improvement of the overall socio-economic condition of the target people through institution building utilizing unused community infrastructures and by improving skills starting IGAs, Management capabilities.


  • To organize the target peoples into group to develop unity, solidarity among them and thus develop a collective strength and institutional basses so that they can ensure their individual and collective development.
  • To help them develop their consciousness and awareness about their position in the social system.
  • To help them develop their self-image, self-confidences and creativity and thus make them fit for their desired changes.
  • To make literate the illiterate group members and other male and female of the program areas.
  • To provide basic health services to the target peoples through both domiciliary satellite and static clinical services towards help improve their health conditions.
  • To provide technical, training and credit supports to group members for initiating income-generating activities towards improve their economic condition.
  • To provide other supports and services in the process of their socio-economic conditions.
  • To address the needs of the disable persons of the program area.
  • To respond to the need of the distressed peoples caused by natural calamities.
  • To protect of violence against women and children.
  • To address the rehabilitation of drug users.
  • To provide support of HIV/AIDS patients and create much awareness about treat of HIV/AIDS.
Integrated Rural Development Center (IRDC)

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