Management Structure

Integrated Rural Development Center (IRDC) is democratic in nature as per approved constitutions of the organization. The organization has the following three principal management organs:

  • General Body
  • Executive Committee
  • General administration

General Body:

The total number of member of the general body is 21. General meeting is held with general members at least once in a year. But if necessary, it can summon emergency meeting. In the general meeting policy and activates of the Executive committee, actively take part in each meeting of General Committee and different social work. The General committee will form the Executive Committee and will approved annual budget.

Executive Committee :

 The members of the general Body elect 7-member Executive committee (EC) for the period of three years. The EC sits once in a quarter to look after the activities of the organization and takes necessary decisions. The Committee is responsible for overall management of total program/project implemented by the organization. The responsibility of the committee are to create income sources and maintain accounts, budget preparation, bank account operation, participate in bi-monthly and special meting, deposit and fixed assets and liquid assets. The Director plays the role of the secretary of the Executive Committee as per his right of designation. But the Director has no right of casting vote n the election of the committee formation.

Integrated Rural Development Center (IRDC)

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